Technical Support

MAF Group 

Technical Support

Utilizing the advances in power, speed, and user interface of modern software, MAF employs an arsenal of software programs to plan, design, simulate, fabricate and test all aspects of development and production.




CAD /CAM system has been used by our programming & design team to develop 2D &3D drawings and generate numerical control instruction for CNC machine. Our programmer are well trained in AutoCAD & Master cam, alpha cam software and are competence to provide sufficient engineering solution in meeting customer requirement.










Our Engineering department was created to provide solution in wide variety of measurement, fabrication, heat treatment and control issues. The objective of Engineering Department to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of a mechanism or process to increase the overall product precision control.







Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of quality. Factory trained service engineers, in offices throughout the world, offer technical support and quick response time. Continuous training of our technical support and field service engineers ensure the very best in product and customer care.











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