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We offer conventional turning and are one of just a handful of engineering companies that has large diameter turning capabilities over 3 m diameter. The long bed lathe is specifically for manufacturing longer than average components, for example, as used in the oilfield industry, for drive shafts and mixer shafts, railway axles and pipes. Available as a one-off or multiple-batch order, our long lathe and large diameter turning capacity may also is part of an end-to-end customer project.

Our Heavy Duty universal milling department can offer specialization in vertical and horizontal turning milling and is an aid to the fabrication and welding function both during and after fabrication and in machining large complex components to the tight tolerances required for smooth centrifuge operation.

Our CNC machining department turns out a wide range of pieces. Trust us to accurately produce your prototype or a large number of production pieces.

Our experienced machinists meet your specifications using the latest CNC lathe and milling equipment, working in composites and other plastics, natural materials, and aerospace metals with equal facility.

Boring capabilities cover the full range of requirements; our skilled labors have a range of Manual Boring equipment for work which calls for specialist oversize or repair work.

From cylindrical, surface, internal & external, chuck work, centre work, bores and centre less grinding to precision angle and radius grinding plus much more. We grind in both large and small quantities using all grinding methods to the highest of standards. We machine grind all types of metals including chrome, aluminum, iron, steel, tungsten, titanium as well as other types of materials.

Wire Cut EDM
Due to the inherent properties of the process, wire EDM can easily machine complex parts and precision components out of hard conductive materials.

We can generate cutter paths from customer CAD data, print, or your part may be digitized from a sample

Plasma Cutting
Our steel plasma cutting, flame cutting, and other burning methods can cut custom shapes, CAD designs, and more from steel plate. Whether we're flame cutting steel in heavy thicknesses or using hi-definition plasma cutting to create complex parts, our steel plate burning processes give you the precision-cut parts you need